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Biggest Loser Star-Julie Hadden- the new Wonder Woman??
December 24, 2007

Move Over Oprah…..Your In Julie’s Seat…..
December 20, 2007


A picture is worth 1000’s words…..Julies dream was to be Miss Jacksonville.She had incredible interview skills,outstanding talent….all that held her back was swimsuit….those days are long gone…..I worked with pageant contestants across the country,I have no doubt that the new “Julie” could have won it all.

So what now for her? She’s addressing congress this week…Im sure she will do the talk show circuit…..but one thing I believe is she still has the “Pageant Bug”.This was evident in her clothing for finale night,as well as the way she walked and spoke….

So Julie, if you read this,I want to encourage you to do the Mrs.America Pageant.Its not some cheesy pageant,several former Miss Florida’s have competed in the “Mrs” contests.The world is your stage and its time you heard those words that escaped you….

                                    “There She Is…….Walking on Air She Is…..”

Julie Hadden- Biggest looser
November 29, 2007


I haven’t commented on any of the previous slurs or comments that have been slung at me.  Heck, my “fifteen minutes” will be up soon enough and the masses will move on the the cast of Season 5.  But I do want to clarify for anyone who misunderstood my jokes about Nicole and her teeth.

Nicole is a sweetheart!  And I love her dearly.  We always got along so well on the set.  And what many people might not know is that Nicole is one of the funniest people I have ever met.  We laughed until our stomachs hurt so many days.  The ONLY reason I responded to her “injury” in a comedic way is because SHE did first.

She was a trooper about the whole incident with her teeth.  Had she been hurt or even if she had been upset about it at all I would have NEVER joked around at her expense.  So for anyone who didn’t understand that the entire cast was laughing WITH her not AT her…I wanted to clarify that.  And I put the blackend teeth in – in front of Nicole and she thought it was hilarious.

Nicole is a beautiful woman…with or WITHOUT her teeth.  And I am blessed just to know her and call her my friend.

Nicole, if you read this…I love ya girl!!  Theriously!