Shayla Worley

Shayla Worley, 2006 American Cup Winner, on the National Team, and vying for a spot on the 2008 Olympic Team.
Shayla Worley first joined the gymnastics National team during the 2003-2004 season. She had her first major breakthrough in 2006, placing second in the All-Around at the American Cup competition. Today, nearly four years after joining the national team, Worley is vying for a spot on the 2007 World Championship Team and the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team.

Last week, Worley took a few minutes out to tell about her day-to-day life. (USOT): Can you take me through what a normal day is like for you?

Shayla Worley: I wake up in the morning at about 5:45. I get ready and eat breakfast, and go to the gym from about 7-9. Then from the gym I change into my school clothes and I go to a public school from 9:30-1:15, which includes three periods and lunch. Then I go straight from school to gym at 1:45 to whenever I’m done with gym, which is usually around 7. After gym I ice and stuff, and then I go home, do some homework, eat some dinner, then go to bed.

USOT: What three classes do you take while you are at school?

Shayla Worley: At school I take Algebra 2, English 2 honors and Spanish 2 accelerated.

USOT: Which one is your favorite?

Shayla Worley: Spanish.

Q4: What’s a normal practice like for you?

Shayla Worley: In the morning we run stretch condition and do vault and either bars or beam. Always do vault, and then do a little bit of bars or beam. And maybe something like tumble track or tramp. And then in the afternoon we run, stretch and condition again, and we go to floor. We are on floor for about and hour, and then bars and beam each for about and hour and a half. Everything is like, we have an assignment and it’s just how long, we do the full assignment. It doesn’t matter how long it takes us. We just do the full assignment. After that, we are done.

USOT: Why did you originally get into gymnastics?

Shayla Worley: Originally I got into gymnastics because my older sister had started doing gymnastics, and I wanted to be just like her. I wanted to copy her and do everything like her. So as soon as I was old enough to start classes, I was at the gym, running around like crazy.


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